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Why not cMap or PersonalBrain?

My tool is like a cMap tool, plus a notes facility like that of PersonalBrain (plus, of course, many left deficiencies!) Read more…

6 June 2013 | Visualization | No Comments

Connectivist Think Tool

Here is the link to my favorite think tool.

Later more.

17 May 2013 | Visualization | No Comments


Jenny’s discussion with Howard about the internal resistance against mind mapping, caused me to question my own reasons: why am I convinced that mapping is worth the effort, and why does “linear thinking” sound so deterrent to me? It has to do with constraints. Read more …

30 January 2013 | Visualization | 6 Comments

Replacement for think tool needed

Desperately seeking a new mapping tool, because my Powerpoint 2003 won’t work in Windows 8. Read what problems I have with many mind-maps, C-maps, topic-maps and I-maps.

31 August 2012 | Visualization | 4 Comments

Labels vs. Concepts

When I wanted to curate a coherent assembly of my old blog posts, I was soon reminded again of Stephen Downes’ explanation: “the problem is that you’re tied to the sign, word and symbol.” I ended up with unnamed clusters of tags, because the interesting concepts lie between these tags, in the connections. Read more …

17 June 2012 | Visualization | No Comments

Conceptual layer, again

The good news is, that the conceptual layer of connectivism is still alive: George just showed this slide at SUNYSB

But the disappointing thing about it is that it looks very pale. George likened it to Google’s “Knowledge Graph” (approx. 11:05 h) which, IMHO, would at most be a semantic web type factual knowledge, a disambiguation [...]

31 May 2012 | Visualization | No Comments

Connections “beyond” concepts?

With concept maps, “the problem is that you’re tied to the sign, word and symbol.” (Stephen). So I am still grappling with the connections between (or within, or “beyond”?) concepts. Unlike Cmaps, the brain is not filled with propositions. But perhaps we should simply let go the traditional roles of nodes and connector lines, and find the ideas in sets of connectors? Read more …

28 May 2012 | Visualization | 2 Comments

“Ligne claire” for instructional comics

Today I learned what “Ligne Claire” is: the drawing style of Tintin. I think this style disproves the prejudice that comic strips were inferior for education. Unlike other, more distance-less styles, it does not suggest to the reader how they should feel about the story or the characters shown, but rather, enables them to develop their own stance while reading and viewing. Read more…

16 April 2010 | Visualization | No Comments

Overview or just another slide transition effect

Prezi had the potential to overcome the suffocating linearity of traditional presentations. But unfortunately, it is often used for merely a new, gimmick, slide transition effect. Read more…

17 February 2010 | Visualization | 1 Comment

Visualization tools again

While many visualization tools focus on the output side (on the impressing presentations), I am again looking for the optimal tool for the input of connected ideas. I wonder if the crucial limitations can be removed by more zooming, or by some “spread”.

21 May 2009 | Visualization | No Comments

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