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Cogged PLE’s

Jenny mentioned that the process we worked through for our paper, was not open to all. At least, it can be made a little more transparent here. Read more …

25 September 2010 | Social software | 3 Comments

Comment culture

A new German paper “Views on the comment culture of weblogs” finds that the hope for a comment culture, the reflective element of participative learning, has not yet been fulfilled, and that weblogs are rather monological and only few threads are emerging. Read more…

14 February 2010 | Social software | 2 Comments

Peer review before or after publication

why are Web2.0 affordances not embraced for scholarly communication? A new report from UC Berkeley gives a shattering answer and a discouraging advice to young scholars. Perhaps there is hope that older scholars and elite universities can be more broad-minded? Read more…

3 February 2010 | Social software | No Comments

Science Blogging

Not prematurely publishing RESULTS, but collaboratively reflecting the QUESTIONS, might help developping new theories. Read more.

21 January 2007 | Social software | No Comments

Selling blogs to the non-believers?

There is an interesting discussion going on about whether we need a new term for blogs in order to “sell” them to non-believers. I think we should not try to sell them to everybody. Read more….

26 August 2006 | Social software | No Comments

Stepchild Annotation

Annotation is a central topic for shared spaces, but unfortunately it is still a stepchild and suffering from many small silly technical problems. Read more….

26 June 2005 | Social software | No Comments

Trackback to the future?

Traces of knowledge construction made visible.

5 December 2004 | Social software | No Comments

Evaluation Metadata

Learning Object Metadata entered by one user type can be leveraged as recommendations for users of similar type (”neigborhood users”). More…

30 September 2004 | Social software | No Comments

Content Repositories und Social Software

OLS (Open Learning Support) presented by D. Wiley at USU ITI conference. More…

6 September 2004 | Social software | No Comments

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