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Skimming too quickly?

After returning from vacation, I noticed how quickly I skimmed my RSS reader, and this alarmed me. If an item does not resonate with me immediately, it could also mean that I just don’t understand its context quickly enough. Read more…

26 July 2009 | PIM | No Comments

Annual repository cleanup

Cleaning up my repositories, showed me that my bookmark collection has lost much of its relevance. If the links aren’t digested right away, they won’t be useful later, either. Read more about my filing and cleanup strategies.

8 January 2009 | PIM | No Comments

Top 10 Tools

Many bloggers have listed their Top Ten Tools. Here is my list. It mainly consists of very basic tools, and I use them often for other purposes than the standard ones. Read more…

11 August 2007 | PIM | 3 Comments

Synchronisation habits

For syncing my office and home materials, I use a very primitive method, but it preserves me a sense of space, and it helps me keeping a work-life balance. Read more…

11 August 2007 | PIM | No Comments

Multi-tasking, multi-threading, multi-thinking

“Different people seem to have different levels of task switching that is tolerable or even enjoyable.” And these different people exhibit very different styles of multitasking, some of which seem plausible to me. Read more….

21 November 2006 | PIM | No Comments

Why are underlines so underused?

Bold, italics, and underline each fulfill a distinct role, and underline is ideal to indicate all kinds of relationships or links. But unfortunately, underline is underused. Why is it so unpopular? Perhaps because it is the markup of teachers. Read more….

3 November 2006 | PIM | 2 Comments

The Zoo of collaboration/ personal productivity tools

Explaining blogs or other collaboration/ personal productivity tools is not easy. Often, they are a mixture of similar ones. Here is my attempt. Read more….

1 October 2006 | PIM | No Comments

Why people don’t use collaboration tools?

My attempt to answer this interesting question. A few reasons are specific to collaboration, but the major reasons are also applicable to other, personal productivity tools: the new subtle distinctions are hidden by overdone integration. Read more….

22 September 2006 | PIM | No Comments

Folder Marker

Thanks to N. McKeand I have downloaded “Folder Marker”, and with minimal extra effort I can even assign infotip labels to my folders. Read more….

7 September 2006 | PIM | No Comments

Office to give up right-brainers?

In an earlier posting on Usability 2.0 I complained that user interfaces don’t yet cater to cognitive styles. Now it seems that Office 2007 and Vista do exactly this in a decisive, courageous way. They take sides for one type of users that can roughly be referred to as left-brainers: focussed on a narrow context. Read more….

5 July 2006 | PIM | No Comments

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