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Between Empowerment and Patronization: 40 Years IT

My first contact with IT was 40 years ago. Spectacular speeds and sizes of storage and transportation of formerly analog carriers, never impressed me. For me, really new empowerment came through rearranging, and sorting and quick grouping. And many of the great novelties ignited hopes that were bigger than the reality emerging later. Read more…

21 June 2013 | Personal Productivity | No Comments

Why I like my tool

It’s still beta and it’s not beautiful. It’s very difficult to explain why I am so enthusiastic about my tool. The rationalization of its surprising power is roughly, that it minimizes the distance between two operating modes, and minimizes abstraction. Read more…

20 May 2013 | Personal Productivity | No Comments

Think Know Tools

In the last six weeks I participated in a wonderful course offered by Howard Rheingold: “Think Know Tools”. It was very open in the sense of open minds. And in particular, the diversity component was at least as strong as in (c-)MOOCs. Reade more…

28 November 2012 | Personal Productivity | 2 Comments

Auto arrange vs. visual thinking

Windows 7 repeatedly jumbled my desktop icons. The desktop was the last folder where I could arrange my icons freely, while in all other folders, Snap to Grid is now mandatory. Why do they prohibit me from using my folder windows at least a little bit like a mindmapping tool by rearranging and clustering the icons in a spatially meaningful way? Read more…

22 May 2010 | Personal Productivity | No Comments

Tomorrow’s mind mapping

I had the chance to submit my latest dreams about tomorrow’s mindmapping. And on the other hand, I was disillusioned about its deployment in today’s academia. Read more…

4 September 2009 | Personal Productivity | 1 Comment

Experts vs. Creativity

In a new essay on domain-generality or domain-specifity of creativity, R. Sternberg emphasizes the individual’s decision, attitude, mindset, to use their differing skills, abilities, resources. The decision attitude is described as investment. My own thoughts about this involve the attitude of note-taking.

9 April 2009 | Personal Productivity | 2 Comments

Blog Carnival: Effectivity

“WissensWert” is running a blog carnival. I tried to answer their questions. Read more

24 January 2009 | Personal Productivity | 3 Comments

Horseless carriage

The metaphor of the “horseless carriage”, showing how new technology often just emulates previous practice, is still particularly valid with tools for studying or thinking. Read more…

2 August 2008 | Personal Productivity | 3 Comments

Text Markup - Literacy or Arts ?

I think that text markup for better readability belongs to new media literacy. Therefore I searched curriculums for guidelines. But these address only artistic aspects.

19 March 2008 | Personal Productivity | No Comments

Markup for Write-Only Papers

Guidelines for scholarly writing abound, but often they disregard the macro markup necessary for speed-reading, or skimming.

27 February 2008 | Personal Productivity | No Comments

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