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Blog moved

I moved my blog from the university server to . Please update your subscriptions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

27 August 2013 | Misc | No Comments

Wealth of articles

Stephen Downes’ articles list currently contains 1260 items. Our university’s age is 625 years. Imagine an immortal scholar publishing twice a year throughout its existence since its foundation in 1386. His list would contain only 1250 items!

10 May 2012 | Misc | No Comments

Comments recovered

Due to heavy spam fire, I accidently marked too many comments as spam. If these commenters should have problems with new comments, please tell me!

15 September 2011 | Misc | No Comments

Email anniversary

It was precisely 25 years ago today that I received my first email. Ironically, its relic is not well conserved. As if it was a historical parchment document, time has gnawed away its left margin and I had to reconstruct much of it. To explain this I need to tell a long-winded story. 
At this time, a typical file still [...]

16 April 2009 | Misc | No Comments

Blog statistics

I assembled a little statistic of my previous postings. In 43 postings, I linked 82 times to 69 other blogs or pages, which belonged to 49 people. Of the 8 blogs I linked multiple times, 3 are female, 4 are male, and 1 mixed (M2M). Of the 37 links going to these, 18 went to women, and 19 to men. My blog map does not reveal a clear structure. Only that I like to link several times to the same posting, perhaps to link the same thoughts together in different contexts.

26 May 2005 | Misc | No Comments

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