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The “43 KM definitions” as Topicmap Demo

Finally, the promising think tool Deepamehta installs with a doubleclick on a simple XP machine, and so I can at last recommend to try it out.

21 March 2008 | Knowledge management, Visualization | 1 Comment

Knowledge Roads

A new German book on Methods for the Personal Knowledge Management was published. For me, it does not work. I have the impression that all the analytical dissections and definitions are somehow mincing, or missing, some of the most challenging problems that exist for a knowledge worker. But if you understand German, you should definitely obtain this thought-provoking book.

23 December 2007 | Knowledge management | 1 Comment

Concepts not nodes

In an interesting discussion between G. Siemens and S. Downes, they are addressing “knowledge elements”, concepts, nodes in the network, and entities. I am trying to understand the issues by looking at the “ports” of the network nodes. Read more…

22 April 2007 | Knowledge management | 3 Comments

RDF humanized

Resource descriptions are not the adequate approach for supporting human learning and knowledge. But there are also people working on more humanized RDF approaches.

1 April 2007 | Knowledge management | No Comments

Meta-data and person to person connections

Meta-data and person to person connections
Another great post by D. Grey, about how meta-data can enhance collections/ content by means of connections/ context. Read more….

19 March 2006 | Knowledge management | No Comments

Conceptual Data Structures for PKM

What data structures do humans think in? What data types should be supported by a cognitively adequate PKM tool? Read more….

19 December 2005 | Knowledge management | No Comments

Making knowledge

In his great article from last week about Making Knowledge, D. Grey said many deep details holding true for everybody (regardless of individual cognitive styles), much more than I considered possible, probably everything that can possibly be said about this topic, the ultimate general description. Read more….

12 September 2005 | Knowledge management | No Comments

Personal reflection

The debate about D. Grey’s “Personal Learning” post and G. Siemens’ comment intrigues me. Read more…

2 April 2005 | Knowledge management | No Comments

Data, Information, Knowledge

Many bloggers have discussed the difference of “data”, “information”, and “knowledge”. Here is my attempt …

12 March 2005 | Knowledge management | No Comments

Not urgent but important

Blogging is not urgent but important. Same applies to blog listening which is the competitive advantage of the weblog world. It’s more about “just in case” knowledge than “just in time” knowledge. It may not be everybody’s taste, therefore. If problem-solving is one’s direct and main focus of KM, bloggers’ evangelism will probably not convince them. But there is a growing discomfort with the “neat, clean and often sterilized understanding of problem solving”.

26 February 2005 | Knowledge management | No Comments

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