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Is openness addictive?

Currently I am participating in a German online course that is conducted within a closed group. I am surprised how much I dislike this, and how I miss much of the openness of CCK08. Read more…

31 August 2010 | eLearning | 2 Comments

Web 2.0 for Teaching

A new German publication dissects The deployment of Web 2.0 for teaching. A significant argument is that active students are always a minority. I think this is true when diversity and breadth of knowledge is mistaken for plain mass of content. Read more…

19 December 2009 | eLearning | 2 Comments

Enchanted by the tools

Lisa Lane has a great advice for the unnecessarily intimidated among faculty: Playing around with online tools oneself, but not getting enchanted by the tools. Read more …

30 August 2009 | eLearning | No Comments

Reusing paper resources online?

When online resources are optimized for print, it is often a pain to scan them to decide whether to print them or not.

28 April 2008 | eLearning | No Comments

Research and Emptiness

A today’s newspaper article complains about the current financial promotion policy that divides universities into those with research and those that merely serve a cost-effective (i. e. lowbrow) training. It causes thinking about the underlying concept of learning and knowledge. Read more….

19 October 2006 | eLearning | No Comments

Methodological Monoculture

In her keynote speech at GMW06, G. Reinmann identified an innovation throttle of educational research: Methodological Monoculture. Read more….

21 September 2006 | eLearning | No Comments

Active Contribution and Pattern Recognition

In his “Connectivism Taxonomy”, G. Siemens enumerates various stages of learning, and he positions Contribution and involvement before Pattern recognition. This did not convince me at once. Read more….

2 March 2006 | eLearning | No Comments

Teaching vs. canned texts

Knowledge technology is now ready for emancipation from single-tracked, excessive textualization, but IP policy is not! Read more…

14 April 2005 | eLearning | No Comments

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