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Today’s OLDaily points to a paean of abstraction. I wonder if it is really useful to glorify the abstract in this radical, literal, narrow (well: abstract) sense, or if we are conflating it with other forms of generalizations or indirections, such as patterns or metaphors.

6 March 2013 | Cognitive Styles | No Comments

Teachers aware of their own Learning Styles

In a new article on Learning Styles, the old black and white thinking is reiterated: Approaches are wrong because there is no evidence. But also critics with more differentiated views have their say, who advise teachers “to become aware of their own learning style”. Read more.

27 December 2009 | Cognitive Styles | 5 Comments

Blog vs. forum preferences

While both bloggers and forum lovers on CCK08 value diverse, non-linear, “big picture” style conversations, there might be subtle differences in the type of conceptual connections that both camps feel most comfortable with. This differences affect the “closeness” or “nearness” of the concepts, ideas, and aspects under discussion, both “spatially” and temporally. Read more…

1 May 2009 | Cognitive Styles | 5 Comments

Microblogging is not for me

I have always suspected that the trendy new web 2.0 tools are not for everybody’s taste, and now I was able to thoroughly experience what it is like to be on the side of the non-adopters. This lead me to some thoughts about hypes and styles. Read more…

14 February 2009 | Cognitive Styles | 5 Comments

Leveraging differences

Stephen Kosslyn describes an approach of studying a “periodic table of the mind”. I like the chemical metaphor which prompted me to think about modern alchemy. Read more…

10 January 2009 | Cognitive Styles | No Comments

Daily or Bulky?

Do “creative chaotics” prefer bulky email newsletters over frequent blog posts? There are very different attitudes towards daily habits and long, impressive, linear post collections. Read more…

15 December 2008 | Cognitive Styles | 1 Comment

All You Can Eat

I have the impression that more and more new blogs content themselves with passing on news without adding value. And readers oversubscribe. Obviously, two different styles are now at work. Read more …

14 April 2008 | Cognitive Styles | 2 Comments

Procrastinators and Small Steps?

The impressive list of “67 ways to tame the procrastination beast” quickly shrinks to a few central ideas, and I have my doubts about them. Especially the advice to break the whole into smaller, manageable parts, conflicts with an important strength of many procrastinators: to keep sight of wide contexts.

3 December 2007 | Cognitive Styles | 1 Comment

Learning styles called rubbish

C. Quinn and H. Jarche have one word on learning styles: “rubbish”. I do NOT agree. Style is often confused with ability, and teachers and researchers don’t admit to themselves that they also belong to one or another style. Read more…

2 July 2007 | Cognitive Styles | 4 Comments


I am very unhappy with the change of my newspaper’s format to tabloid. I try to express what subtly frustrates me. Read more…

17 June 2007 | Cognitive Styles | No Comments

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