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24 January 2009 | CCK08 | 2 Comments

Tilted Taxonomy

Trying to make meaning of George Siemens’ “Connectivist Taxonomy”, I ended up with a tilted structure resembling the Southwest German Cuesta landscape. Read more…

7 December 2008 | CCK08 | No Comments

CCK08 More wrap-up

Before I put this unique course aside, I want to mention some workflow-related things, reflect about the proof of concept to crossbreed topic coverage and free-ranging methods, and marvel at the magic to model and demonstrate diversity all alone.

2 December 2008 | CCK08 | 3 Comments

CCK08 Week 12: Research, Evaluation

I think the most urgent research need in Connectivism is not to gain still more insights but to develop a conceptual arsenal, or toolbox, for expressing and proving these findings. Read more…

27 November 2008 | CCK08 | 3 Comments

CCK08 Final presentation

As my final presentation, I uploaded a 2 minute Flash file (no audio, 4.5 MB). It answers the question “How has this course influenced my view of the process of learning” and is a reduced, visually enhanced version of my yesterday’s posting about the relationship between conceptual and social/ external connections.

24 November 2008 | CCK08 | 6 Comments

CCK08 Final Cmap

As an assignment of Week 11, here is my final Cmap.

23 November 2008 | CCK08 | No Comments

CCK08 Conceptual and Social layer

The most intriguing question of this course was the relationship of the social/ external and the conceptual level of connectivism. It becomes apparent in Fuzzy categories, Structural preferences, Echo and resonating, and Knowledge residing externally. read more…

23 November 2008 | CCK08 | 2 Comments

CCK08 Paper #3 Opportunities and Resistance

Why is it so difficult to change the practice of education? Because learning mechanisms involve subtle differences that are at odds with the binary thinking in terms of either correct or incorrect of education leaders.

15 November 2008 | CCK08 | 2 Comments

CCK08: Week 10, Openness

I am still struggling with the role of openness in connectivism. Is it a prescriptive, integral part of the theory? There are many possible reasons why people would prefer some privacy zone for their learning. And I do not yet understand how this would prevent growing connectivist connections on the conceptual level. Read more…

13 November 2008 | CCK08 | 4 Comments

CCK08 Meta notes

Many speculations about the different participation styles and about a possible “failing” of the CCK08 course have been written. I don’t see a “failing”, and here is why. Read more…

3 November 2008 | CCK08 | 4 Comments

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