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Recognizing the network

Much has improved on bikeway signposts. Finally, the mainly work as expected in a network. But it is interesting to observe that a network is not necessarily perceived a network from the beginning. Read more…

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The joys of not clicking links

In his inspiring article on “The Joys of Shallow Thinking…”, G. Siemens notes the insecurity of education about how deep or shallow learning should be. I do think that deep learning of a topic is necessary, but not in its own right but as a sample or representative for the similar topics that, later on, can be touched more shallowly. Read more….

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Information scent of a hyperlink

According to the “information foraging theory” quoted by Infovis, we are hunter-gatherers for information prey….

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The Benefit of Not Yet Followed links

There is nothing magic with the hyperlink except that it intensifies the magic of the ordinary paper reference pointer … more

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More on link figuration

This German text from Uni Dortmund contains useful thoughts about link figuration …

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Intra-Textual Links

Intra-textual links increase distracting “referential navigation”, and this, in turn, reduces orientation …

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