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Orientation and “experts”

Sebastian Fiedler picked a great quotation by the philosopher Jürgen Mittelstrass:
“In the knowledge society as it is understood today, the location of an orientation knowledge remains empty or is occupied by false conceptions, such as the one that a further increase in the knowledge to our disposal could, at some time, also solve the problems [...]

23 April 2011 | Learning | 2 Comments

#CCK11 Connectivist Forums Browser?

Navigation in the long, ramified discussion threads is a big challenge. Traditional web pages usually offer a left navigation pane for this task where it is hardly possible to visualize the hierarchically nested connections, let alone the more sophistcated cross links that are typical for connectivist activities. In short, they are nodes-oriented rather than connection-oriented. In an alternative approach, the connections have more room than the single node (or in graph theory terms: the edges are more prominent than the vertices). This should fit better for connectivism, which emphasises connections over nodes and reminds us that traversing the links helps with learning, right? Read more…

9 April 2011 | CCK11 | No Comments

#CCK11 Drop-Out Lurking Experience

At last I gained a MOOC experience that many others have made before me: How it is like to drop out of the course and become a lurker who just occasionally looks at the activities? Enough interest, but too little time — sorry!

6 April 2011 | CCK11 | 1 Comment

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