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#PLENK2010 Too many tools?

Why (not) want new tools? The forums discussion reveals a reluctance against ever more new tools. We are overwhelmed already. We cannot keep up with them, but we can pick our choice. And once we engage more thoroughly with our favorite tools, we will discover what functionality and usability they are missing. Read more…

30 October 2010 | PLENK2010 | 2 Comments

#PLENK2010 Connectivist Folder Window

Seemingly, for each conceivable purpose and preference, there is a tool that exists. This might be true for the communication and collaboration purposes on the social or person-to-person level of connectivism, but not for its conceptual level. Just consider such a simple thing as drawing a connection line between two items in your folders on your hard drive. This was discussed in a paper for PKM2010 and demonstrated with a prototype. Read more…

27 October 2010 | PLENK2010 | 2 Comments

#PLENK2010 Picking from Breadth, for Depth

Filtering may be the most crucial Critical Literacy for modern learners. Will Richardson listed it right after “1. Pursue your passion” and “2. Read widely”. which I interprete as 1. depth and 2. breadth — the irreconcilable ideals. Picking and filtering can, in a way, reconcile them. Read more…

20 October 2010 | PLENK2010 | 3 Comments

#PLENK2010 Assessment as Proxy

I like Stephens’s notion that tests are used as proxies. It is consistent with the notion that learning works indirectly, by induction rather than by transmission. Read more…

14 October 2010 | PLENK2010 | 4 Comments

#PLENK2010: Proliferation of Learning Theories

My “theory”: Many educators won’t admit to themselves that their own cognitive style is not the only best one that leads to the most effective learning. So naturally, there are problems to reconcile some students’ real learning processes with the predicted progress. And therefore, ever new theories are needed. Read more…

8 October 2010 | PLENK2010 | 4 Comments

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