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#PLENK2010 WebX connected knowledge = Connective knowledge?

“Connects knowledge” sounds good (upper left quadrant of slide 12 of Wheeler’s presentation). But does this equate to connective knowledge as in Connectivism? I think it is just “snap-in” knowledge that needs to be “augmented” by connective knowledge

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Cogged PLE’s

Jenny mentioned that the process we worked through for our paper, was not open to all. At least, it can be made a little more transparent here. Read more …

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#PLENK2010 PLE vs. LMS

Apparently, the main difference between PLE and LMS is centrality of the LMS. But a typical LMS shows more than forums-like centrality. It is often a centralistic mindset that reigns here. the choice between PLE and centralistic LMS is a matter of preference and mindset, just as well as the choice between blogs and central forums. But while the forums choice depends on the styles of the students, the LMS usage is often influenced by an unaware preference of the teacher. Read more…

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#PLENK2010 Pictures of PLN vs. PLE

I am not content with my understanding of PLN vs. PLE unless I see in in a picture. Here is my attempt:

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The Riddle of Online Resonance

Finally we finished the full paper . For the discussion, see the 3 instalments.

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#PLENK2010 Introduction

Dear fellow participants of PLENK2010, my name is Matthias Melcher, I work in the E-Learning Center of Heidelberg University (”Future. Since 1386.”), and I am interested in connectivism since CCK08.

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Jenny Mackness and I were working on a paper that is now approaching its final stage.
“In this paper we consider what the characteristics, affordances and affecting factors of e-resonance might be. What sparks it off? What are the key indicators of e-resonance? In response to these questions we discuss the possibility of ‘beyond verbal’ communication [...]

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