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CCK08: IT in a 1961 classroom

In one of my favorite children’s books, information technology in the classroom of 1961 plays a prominent role. Read more…

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CCK08 Instructional design and Humboldt

Studying as a preparation for a career in a complex future, is often contrasted to the ideal of education in its own ends. Humboldt’s rather modern ideas have been explained in a presentation this month in Zürich. Read more.

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CCK08 Week 6 Fallacy?

This week’s topics of complexity and chaos seemingly suggest ready-made recipes for next week’s topic of instructional design: Let the students rehearse complexity right away. But there may be a fallacy. Read more…

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CCK08 Internet over-emphasized

The concept of “lubrication” of this week’s readings explains why the internet may be over-emphasized in our lives. Similarly, the internet/ social/ external layer of connections and knowledge was overemphasized in our discussion, as oppposed to the conceptual layer. I think this is because we are trying to equate the two types of knowledge rather than seeing the unifying pattern.

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CCK08 Week 5 Reflections?

If I were forced to post at least once a week, I would be in trouble this time. I could only highlight what I liked the most: The “walls - bridges” contrast and the “sameness - affinity” polarity.

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Address bar usability

The address bar of the browser is more and more devaluated. In IE8 beta 2, a delete icon is right where I usually click. Read more…

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CCK08 Cmap

One assignment of week 4 was to upload my concept map. Here it is.

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CCK08 Week 4 History of Social Web

My emphasis would have been much different, at least about the relevance of gopher.

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CCK08 My position on Connectivism

I think, the concept of theory is distracting; it is a vulnerability that it looks like a Grand Unifying Theory. Its strength is the single neural metaphor.

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CCK08 Week 3 Leftover: The Three Layers

I think there is no need for a single theory covering Neural, Conceptual, and Social/ External layer. The interaction between conceptual level and social/ external level connections is already interesting enough. Read more…

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