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CCK08 Cmaps vs. Mindmaps

In a broader sense, I would call every mesh-like diagram of concepts a Cmap and ignore the urge for “propositions”. Read more…

25 September 2008 | CCK08 | 2 Comments

CCK08 Conceptual and other network layers

I am particularly fascinated about how this social level interacts with the conceptual level through mechanisms like “People who read this also read that“. And the tree vs. web dichotomy has intrigued me ever since my very first blog post. Read more…

23 September 2008 | CCK08 | 2 Comments

CCK08 - Week 2 and forums

The CCK08 moodle forum is a challenge. Both the nodes and the connections of the mammoth threads are impossible to overlook. The connections to the previous posts are mostly implicit, or at best cryptic (”Hi Pat”), so that reconstructing them costs me thorough reading rather than scanning.

21 September 2008 | CCK08 | 2 Comments

[CCK08] Definitions

Often “What is?” definitions ambitiously try to describe deeper meanings. But even the ordinary language meaning of “knowledge” is already interesting enough in the light of today’s changes.

17 September 2008 | CCK08 | No Comments

[CCK08] Is it a theory or not

The problem with the status of a theory is that its descriptive power is often immediately intertwined with prescriptive claims. Read more…

11 September 2008 | CCK08 | No Comments

[CCK08] First impressions

My way of approaching the confusing landscape of countless tools, sites, and resources, was to try and get a visual overview. More…

6 September 2008 | CCK08 | 22 Comments

[CCK08] Introducing myself

The idea of connective knowledge struck a chord with me since networks have been important to me on many levels.

5 September 2008 | CCK08 | No Comments

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