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PKM text translated

Finally, my most-clicked text is translated. It shows how to use graphics and database programs to reorder, rearrange, and visualize concepts in an easy way, for instance, with simple elbow connectors for hierarchical relationships, and curved connectors for cross-reference relationships. Read more….

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Office to give up right-brainers?

In an earlier posting on Usability 2.0 I complained that user interfaces don’t yet cater to cognitive styles. Now it seems that Office 2007 and Vista do exactly this in a decisive, courageous way. They take sides for one type of users that can roughly be referred to as left-brainers: focussed on a narrow context. Read more….

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Cognitive Styles theories

The “cognitive styles” underlying the preferences with IT tool usage have intrigued me since long. Finally I read about theories with some plausible concepts and tried to apply them to my observations. Some people just don’t like to expand/ collapse details near the border of a topic, click on stand-in’s for distant ideas, or smoothly zoom out and in from narrow contexts to wider contexts and back, but they prefer to hide everything not immediately relevant and make the focussed current context as comfortable as possible. Read more….

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Cognitive Burden of Tools?

Some usability strategies suggest that the IT entities, such as folders and applications, should be hidden in favor of the user’s semantic entities, and that a stable, focussed context should be maintained. I agree only partially. Read more….

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