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Fear of the categorical scheme

In her Cognitive analysis of tagging, Rashmi Sinha hits the core problem when she points to our fear that we would make a wrong categorization decision. “We need to consider the overall categorical scheme.” I think this fear can be mitigated when using cross reference links. Read more….

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Concepts of concepts

Stimulated by D. Grey’s detailed posting “On the concept of a concept”, I tried to depict my view of concepts. Read more….

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Detours in desktop applications

It is amazing how often it is useful to follow a detour when using desktop application tools in daily PKM tasks. Normally we assume that solving IT problems involves some steps along a click path where each click takes us closer to the target. In some cases, however, the first step does just the opposite. These cases require a different attitude towards IT tools: sense of orientation and overlook rather than task-driven just-in-time skills. Read more….

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Cost of tagging in post-search world

Collaborative library (ColLib, via S. Downes) sounded very promising to me, since I am hoping for the peaceful coexistence of amateur tagging and professional classification that C. Shirky denies (Aug. 27th). His most plausible argument ist cost: Tagging is cheap. But for whom is tagging cheap? For the providers of the tags - okay. But for the consumers? Read more….

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Making knowledge

In his great article from last week about Making Knowledge, D. Grey said many deep details holding true for everybody (regardless of individual cognitive styles), much more than I considered possible, probably everything that can possibly be said about this topic, the ultimate general description. Read more….

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