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Urge people to blog?

Here is yet another teacher’s account describing his efforts to involve people in blog discussions, to balance participation, “to activate the long tail”. I think, when people are urged or even mandated to blog, the novel phenomenon is thoroughly misrecognized. Read more…

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Radial, incremental, revisable

Last week I learned about a cognitive styles difference that I had not known before: “Radial” vs. “Cartesian” (M2M). While the latter is more absolutely oriented, the former focusses on relative, incremental, change. The incremental, preliminary characteristics, the revisability and rearrangeability is very important for me. Read more…

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Desktop usage habits

I have described now quite a lot of my tool-using habits, but have yet to conclude this by covering the basic desktop usage. More…

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Paper usage habits

Many bloggers described their use cases where they prefer paper and pencil to keyboard and mouse. I often use a primitive tool that emulates paper’s immediacy affordance best. More…

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Data, Information, Knowledge

Many bloggers have discussed the difference of “data”, “information”, and “knowledge”. Here is my attempt …

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My unsufficient cognitive tools

Description of a visualization technique usage scenario which could be much more effective with improved tools. Read more…

11 March 2005 | Visualization | No Comments

Tree structures with creative appeal

D. Grey explains concept maps vs. mind maps and shows examples. As often, I find the mind map more appealing and creatively stimulating than the other example, although it is a restricted tree structure. Why is that? I experimented with several versions and considered the Boettger distance. Read more …

5 March 2005 | Visualization | No Comments

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