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Not urgent but important

Blogging is not urgent but important. Same applies to blog listening which is the competitive advantage of the weblog world. It’s more about “just in case” knowledge than “just in time” knowledge. It may not be everybody’s taste, therefore. If problem-solving is one’s direct and main focus of KM, bloggers’ evangelism will probably not convince them. But there is a growing discomfort with the “neat, clean and often sterilized understanding of problem solving”.

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Subject Trees

In the stone-age of the Web, I was a supporter of the Virtual Library, or its predecessors, like the EuroGopher Subject Tree, where I incidentally became the maintainer of the History branch (see details in a German newspaper article). I helped with the general German resources catalog, and the history trees on worldwide and national level. I still have a lot of sympathy for the project, since I do not hate trees and hierarchies (as long as they are made sufferable by reasonable “see-also” cross references). Therefore, here are some thoughts how the VL might relate to RSS, Topic Maps, and folksonomies. Read more …

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Note-taking without mouse

My preferred note-taking technique is not efficient enough for taking notes during oral conversations but only for excerpting literal artefacts (which is a pity since I learned yesterday that the oral side of the cultural divide is the more important one). Read more…

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