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Blog moved

I moved my blog from the university server to http://x28newblog.wordpress.com . Please update your subscriptions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

27 August 2013 | Misc | No Comments

Between Empowerment and Patronization: 40 Years IT

My first contact with IT was 40 years ago. Spectacular speeds and sizes of storage and transportation of formerly analog carriers, never impressed me. For me, really new empowerment came through rearranging, and sorting and quick grouping. And many of the great novelties ignited hopes that were bigger than the reality emerging later. Read more…

21 June 2013 | Personal Productivity | No Comments

Why not cMap or PersonalBrain?

My tool is like a cMap tool, plus a notes facility like that of PersonalBrain (plus, of course, many left deficiencies!) Read more…

6 June 2013 | Visualization | No Comments

Why I like my tool

It’s still beta and it’s not beautiful. It’s very difficult to explain why I am so enthusiastic about my tool. The rationalization of its surprising power is roughly, that it minimizes the distance between two operating modes, and minimizes abstraction. Read more…

20 May 2013 | Personal Productivity | No Comments

Connectivist Think Tool

Here is the link to my favorite think tool.

Later more.

17 May 2013 | Visualization | No Comments


Today’s OLDaily points to a paean of abstraction. I wonder if it is really useful to glorify the abstract in this radical, literal, narrow (well: abstract) sense, or if we are conflating it with other forms of generalizations or indirections, such as patterns or metaphors.

6 March 2013 | Cognitive Styles | No Comments


Jenny’s discussion with Howard about the internal resistance against mind mapping, caused me to question my own reasons: why am I convinced that mapping is worth the effort, and why does “linear thinking” sound so deterrent to me? It has to do with constraints. Read more …

30 January 2013 | Visualization | 6 Comments

Shishi Odoshi, or Emergence vs. Threshold

Compare learning with a Shishi Odoshi. The emergent learning is like the ongoing flow which is typical for the largest part of time, before the tipping point of the seesaw is reached. By contrast, the threshold, or “Ah-ha” moment, is only the short point in time where the spectacular, loud, recognizeable event happens. Read more …

9 December 2012 | Learning | 2 Comments

Think Know Tools

In the last six weeks I participated in a wonderful course offered by Howard Rheingold: “Think Know Tools”. It was very open in the sense of open minds. And in particular, the diversity component was at least as strong as in (c-)MOOCs. Reade more…

28 November 2012 | Personal Productivity | 2 Comments

Replacement for think tool needed

Desperately seeking a new mapping tool, because my Powerpoint 2003 won’t work in Windows 8. Read what problems I have with many mind-maps, C-maps, topic-maps and I-maps.

31 August 2012 | Visualization | 4 Comments